Job seekers

Q: What is Ontario Jobs Watcher?

A: Ontario Jobs Watcher is a website that combines the features of a job search engine and those of a regular job board. Every day we identify new jobs in Ontario which are advertised directly on corporate websites. When we find a new job which has been posted since our last visit (a job posting within 24 hours), we individually review the job and ensure it is included in our database. Other than that, we also allow other employers and recruiters to create accounts and post their own job openings. If a job fits your search criteria (job category, location and eventually keyword), we will automatically email you the job title and location, the employer’s name, as well as a direct link to the job posting.

Q: Is this a paid service?

A: OntarioJobsWatcher.com is a free service for job seekers.

Q: Do you take jobs from other job boards?

A: No, we gather new job postings only from employers’ websites. Our staff monitors these websites for changes and when new jobs are available, we review them and post them on our website.

Q: Who will benefit from your career search service?

A: Anybody who is serious about their career! Active job seekers will benefit by being the first to know about many competitive jobs. People who are casually scanning the job market can also benefit by receiving only the job information which is relevant to them.

Q: How often do you post jobs?

A: Our staff posts new jobs found on employer websites every weekday (Monday-Friday). Employers and recruiters that have an account at our website can post jobs every day of the week.

Q: Where are these jobs located?

A: We have job listings from all parts of Ontario – a keyword search is available to help you narrow down a particular region if you desire.

Q: What industries do your job listings fall under?

A: We have job listings in all industries! Regardless of your career direction, we are one of the most valuable assets you can have for your career search!

Q: Where do your job listings come from?

A: The short answer is everywhere. The long answer is we gather job listings from the human resources sections of major employer websites – many of these job listings are not posted anywhere else! We manually screen these job listings to ensure we provide the most comprehensive listing of current job openings available anywhere!

Q: How long does a job posting stay in your database?

A: All jobs remain posted for a 30 day period. After that, they may stay another 15 days before they are deleted from the database.

Q: Can I upload my resume?

A: Yes, you can upload a resume. You can also choose to make your personal details secret until an employer asks for them

Q: How many e-mails am I going to receive per week?

A: We send emails five times a week from Monday to Friday. That doesn’t mean that you are going to miss the jobs posted over the weekend since we collect all the jobs, seven days a week. All the openings posted over the weekend will be sent to you the next Monday.

Q: You sent me a link to a job posting I am interested in, but the page won’t open – why?

A: We provide you the link directly to the employer’s webpage. Sometimes, their websites may have some problems, but usually their administrators can promptly fix that. We suggest you try the link again later on. If this is a repeated problem, please contact us so we can assist you.

Q: I followed the link, but the job listing is not on the page – what’s happening?

A: There are two reasons this may be happening. First, the job could have been modified or removed by the website administrator. Unfortunately, we have no control over this when it happens. The second possibility is that the listing may simply be very difficult to find, typically because there are too many listings on one page. We recommend you search the entire page by pressing “Ctrl+F” and paste the job title into the search field. The job title will then be highlighted for you.

Q: I can’t find the job on the employers recruiting page. What should I do?

A: Sometimes due to the large number of jobs posted on the same page, you will find it difficult to locate a specific posting. The easiest way is to press CTRL + F and type in the job title.

Q: Why did you send me a list of steps on how to navigate to a job listing versus a direct link?

A: Some web sites use dynamically generated pages and there is no direct link to the job listing. To assist you in locating the job, we provide you a navigation steps – you can tell when this is happening because the message will have “STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED” in large print. Unlike our competitors, this is a valuable service we offer to ensure you know exactly where to find your potential dream job!

Q: I don’t see any links in my email message – did you forget to send them?

A: Probably not. A more likely cause is that your email program is not accepting the message as an HTML message, and is instead listing it in plain text. While most email clients will accept HTML by default, there have been some cases where Lotus Notes and some web mail applications have caused problems. If this happens, you will have to copy and paste the link into your web browser.

Q: I have signed up for your service, but I’m not getting emails – what’s wrong?

A: This is due to either your email client or your internet service provider (ISP) having spam filters turned on. You will have to logon to your ISP account, or change the settings in your email client, and specifically allow emails from Ontario Jobs Watcher. Make sure you get your emails.

Q: What should I do if I have any other questions?

A: User satisfaction is our priority! If you would like to get in touch with us, please send an e-mail at contact(at)ontariojobswatcher.com


Q: Can I add my company’s job listings?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: My company’s job openings are posted on your website, but I want them removed. What do I have to do?

A: If, for whatever reason you don’t want your jobs listed on our website, please contact us or send us an e-mail at contact (at) ontariojobswatcher.com to inform us. We will remove the listings and we will also stop monitoring your career section.

Q: My job has been filled and I want to remove the job listing.

A: If the listing was posted by us, send us an e-mail at contact (at) ontariojobswatcher.com and we will remove the listing within 12 hours. If the listing was posted by you, you can simply log in and delete the job posting.

Q: Can I post jobs myself?

A: Yes, you can. First, please verify if the jobs are not already listed. Then create an account and start posting your jobs. However, the job postings must be reviewed to comply with out posting guidelines.

Q: What are your posting guidelines?

A: Every employer that wants to post a job must respect the following rules:

  • We only accept job postings from the Ontario province
  • We do not accept postings that require a payment from job seekers
  • We only accept job postings, not ads for other employment services. Job fairs are accepted.
  • MLM, work-at-home schemes and other similar ads are not accepted. Legitimate home based jobs are accepted.
  • Positions for adult entertainment jobs will be accepted on a case by case basis. This site is intended for users 16 and up. Postings must be suitable for all ages.

Q: What posting plans are available?

A: Employers can choose between multiple types of job postings. You can find more about each one on this page.
Q: How much does it cost for our jobs to be listed?

A: Standard job posting is free. If you want your job ad to stand out you can choose one of the paid listing options. Click here to find out the options.
Q: Do you offer access to your resume database?

A: Yes, we do. Currently this service is free of charge.
Q: Is it possible to advertise on Ontario Jobs Watcher?

A: Yes, it is. Please send us an e-mail with your inquiries at contact (at) ontariojobswatcher.com.
Q: I have more questions, but I can’t find any answer here.

A: Please send us an e-mail with your questions or suggestions at contact (at) ontariojobswatcher.com.