Ontario Jobs Watcher is a website designed for the job-seekers of Ontario. It combines the features of a job search engine and those of a regular job board.

Job search engine: We collect and classify by category and location jobs publicly available on many employer websites, usually in the first 24 hours after they have been posted. Every job posting includes a short description and links back to the employer’s career page, where the job is located.

Job board: Other employers and recruiters can create accounts and post their own openings or search through the resume database.

Job seekers can create accounts that will enable them to set job alerts or upload their resume.

Multiple job sources ensure that job seekers have access to a large and varied offer, from small businesses to corporate openings.

Who is behind Ontario Jobs Watcher?

Ontario Jobs Watcher is run by a few dedicated people who wish to offer a free quality service to Ontario job seekers. If you want to find out more please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or you can contact us anytime!